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Björn Buchhold

Björn Buchhold



Gebäude, Raum 51, 02-29
+49 761 203-67439 (Tel)

After writing my Master Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Hannah Bast, I started as a PhD student in Dec 2010.

We are working on a search engine that combines full-text search with structured information from ontologies in a way that enables processing "semantic" queries. There are no publications on my particular part of the work yet, but I will be pleased to create links in the future.

 I also assisted / will assist in the following courses:

  • Seminar Java vs C++ (Winter Term 2010/2011) (Course Page)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures for ESE (Winter Term 2011/2012) (Course Wiki)


If you have any questions concerning one of the courses I assist in or my work, feel free to send me an email or to visit me in my office. I do not have opinging hours so you can come by whenever you want.

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