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Curriculum Vitae

CV / Lebenslauf

1988 - 1994  Studies in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken.  
03 / 1990  Bachelor's degree (Vordiplom) in Mathematics.  
10 / 1990  Bachelor's degree (Vordiplom) in Computer Science.  
11 / 1994  Master's degree (Dipl.-inform.) in Computer Science; Title of master's thesis: Fast Parallel Space Allocation, Estimation and Integer Sorting; Advisor: Torben Hagerup.
02 / 2000  Ph.D. (Dr.-ing.) in Computer Science; Summa cum laude; Title of dissertation: Provably Optimal Scheduling of Similar Tasks; Advisor: Kurt Mehlhorn.
06 / 2000  Awarded the Otto-Hahn-Medal 1999 of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (for outstanding work by young scientists).
10 / 2001  Awarded the Dr. Eduard Martin Preis 2000 of the Universität des Saarlandes (for outstanding dissertation).
02 / 2007  Won the Teaching Innovation Award from the CS department of the Universität des Saarlandes (for lecture on Suffix Arrays WS06/07).
10 / 2007  Awarded the Heinz-Billing Award (together with Stefan Funke, for our work on ultrafast shortest paths in road networks).
12 / 2007  Awarded the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann-Wissenschaftspreis (for the work on efficient search in very large databases).
10 / 2008  Awarded the SaarLB Wissenschaftspreis (together with Stefan Funke, for our work on ultrafast routing in road networks).
10 / 2008  Awarded the Alcatel-Lucent Forschungspreis Technische Kommunikation (for the work on fast and intelligent search, in particular CompleteSearch).
2000 - 2007  Researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, head of research group on Information Retrieval and Applied Algorithmics (since 2007, W2).
2008 - 2009  Research group leader (W2) in the MMCI Cluster of Excellence in Saarbrücken.  
2008 - 2009  Visiting scientist at Google Zürich (04/2008 - 07/2009).
06 / 2008  Offer for full professorship (W3) from the University of Mainz, declined.  
since 2009  Full professor (W3), University of Freiburg, Chair for Algorithms and Data Structures.
2012 - 2015  Awarded a Google Focused Research Award (for a project on multi-modal route planning, with Peter Sanders and Dorothea Wagner).
 2012 - 2018 Dean of Studies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg   
 2012 - 2013 University Teaching Award  and Faculty Teaching Award (twice)  
  since 2018 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg  
  since 2018 Member of the Enquete Commission on Artificial Intelligence of the German federal parliament (Bundestag).  


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