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For most of our research projects, the ultimate goal is a working system or at least prototype. Click on any of the screenshots below to get to the corresponing demo. If one of the demos does not work, or you have questions about it, please drop us a line at bast@cs.uni-freiburg.de .

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Travic: World-Wide Public Transit Visualization

Travic Screenshot   TRAVIC visualizes live public transit movements in currently over 200 areas all over the world. The server reads static GTFS schedules, combines the data with realtime feeds and outputs the (approximate) position of every public transit vehicle currently moving through the area. 

LOOM: Line-Ordering Optimized Transit Maps

Loom Screenshot
  LOOM automatically renders geographically correct public transit maps. It builds a transit line graph from GTFS feeds, globally optimizes the line ordering using integer linear programming and outputs ready-to-use vector graphics that can, for example, be used as a map overlay.

octi: Fast Octilinear Transit Maps

octi   octi renders input line graphs in an octilinear fashion using an approximation approach based on iterative shortest-path calculations on a special grid graph. Octilinearization usually takes less than a second, even for complex input graphs.

staty: Automatic Quality Assurance for Public Transit Stations in OpenStreetMap

  staty analyzes public transport station in OpenStreetMap for correctness and gives both possible attribute errors and suggestions on an interactive map.

TODO: Screenshot + short description for remaining demos

http://www.dblp.org ... CompleteSearch DBLP = full-features search in the DBLP literature database
http://www.homeonet.org ... HomeoNet = interactive simulation of user-defined regulatory circuits
http://anthro.cs.uni-freiburg.de ... Anthro = visualization of the ANSUR anthropometric dataset
http://forestmaps.cs.uni-freiburg.de ... ForestMaps = forest usage heat maps
http://panarea.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/routeplanner ... MultiModal = multi-modal route planning

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