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Curriculum Vitae

CV / Lebenslauf

1988 - 1994  Studies in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken.  
03 / 1990  Bachelor's degree (Vordiplom) in Mathematics.  
10 / 1990  Bachelor's degree (Vordiplom) in Computer Science.  
11 / 1994  Master's degree (Dipl.-inform.) in Computer Science; Title of master's thesis: Fast Parallel Space Allocation, Estimation and Integer Sorting; Advisor: Torben Hagerup.
02 / 2000  Ph.D. (Dr.-ing.) in Computer Science; Summa cum laude; Title of dissertation: Provably Optimal Scheduling of Similar Tasks; Advisor: Kurt Mehlhorn.
06 / 2000  Awarded the Otto-Hahn-Medal 1999 of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (for outstanding work by young scientists).
10 / 2001  Awarded the Dr. Eduard Martin Preis 2000 of the Universität des Saarlandes (for outstanding dissertation).
02 / 2007  Won the Teaching Innovation Award from the CS department of the Universität des Saarlandes (for lecture on Suffix Arrays WS06/07).
10 / 2007  Awarded the Heinz-Billing Award (together with Stefan Funke, for our work on ultrafast shortest paths in road networks).
12 / 2007  Awarded the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann-Wissenschaftspreis (for the work on efficient search in very large databases).
10 / 2008  Awarded the SaarLB Wissenschaftspreis (together with Stefan Funke, for our work on ultrafast routing in road networks).
10 / 2008  Awarded the Alcatel-Lucent Forschungspreis Technische Kommunikation (for the work on fast and intelligent search, in particular CompleteSearch).
2000 - 2007  Researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, head of research group on Information Retrieval and Applied Algorithmics (since 2007, W2).
2008 - 2009  Research group leader (W2) in the MMCI Cluster of Excellence in Saarbrücken.  
2008 - 2009  Visiting scientist at Google Zürich (04/2008 - 07/2009).
06 / 2008  Offer for full professorship (W3) from the University of Mainz, declined.  
since 2009  Full professor (W3), University of Freiburg, Chair for Algorithms and Data Structures.
2 / 2012  Awarded a Google Focused Research Award (for a project on multi-modal route planning, with Peter Sanders and Dorothea Wagner).
 since 2012 Dean of Studies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg   
2012 - 2013 University Teaching Award  and Faculty Teaching Award (twice)  
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